About Us


FineMoz is an e-commerce platform focused on art


We aim to match the best pieces of art Mozambique has to offer with equally wonderful buyers, collectors and other art enthusiast. As we live in a global world, we aim on matching both national and international buyers with great pieces of art no matter their taste and budget. At FineMoz, we are building a foundation from which artist can strive and make a living doing what they love.


Using the highest degree of screening for both buyers and sellers, we aim to get the art you love, from the artist you love directly to your home, as efficiently and as secure as possible, no matter the country.

We founded FineMoz believing that our African artists, have a voice that is sometimes overlooked and people who value authentic, handmade works of art exist. To connect both groups and build a business that makes all our lives better by supporting creativity in the African Continent.


This platform is 100% fueled by our community of artists, so buying and selling art as never been as simple and enjoyable as this.


Founded in 2019 and based in Maputo- Mozambique, FineMoz connects people to Mozambican artists and art.

 Ever Growing community

Available in 100 Countries

New Artworks added everyday


For press and media enquiries please contact our business team at info@fenixls.co.mz